This Milly Rocker Stole the Show at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Just look behind Ashley Tisdale’s right shoulder— It’s the Macy’s Milly Rocker!

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Viewers were treated to more than just oversized balloons and overexcited baton twirlers during Macy’s Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade. While a conservative group was busy bashing a truly beautiful moment during the festivity—a same-sex kiss that set the internet ablaze—another beautiful moment kept some Twitter users preoccupied.

During Ashley Tisdale‘s, uh, interesting performance of her single “Voices In My Head,” a woman in the background saw her chance to be catapulted into internet celebrity. Behold:

And the Milly Rocker didn’t stop there…

Sorry, Bad Bunny, you’ve got company.

Twitter, being Twitter, couldn’t simply let the moment live as a reminder in these dark times that not everything has to be so serious. Of course, someone had to analyze the technique of the Macy’s Milly Rocker:

Thanks for your ever-relevant insight, @Blacksheep_tate

Curious who this alleged swag stroker is? She kindly identified herself and has since reveled in the fame.

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