You Can’t Boycott Kanye If You Never Listened to Him

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There are a lot of reasons to boycott some of your favorite artists. Ya know, on account of so many of them being abusers. There are other reasons I’m sure—but that abusing one really sticks out in my mind.

Of course there are political reasons to stop listening to or watching someone. Everyone is justified in giving up a problematic fav.

But the thing is, you can’t really boycott something you never liked or followed to begin with. That’s just regular not liking something for no reason beyond your own personal taste.

After Kanye sported his signed MAGA hat, you may be tempted to protest tweet your disdain. You may even say you will make the *very difficult* decision to not listen to his new album Ye.

My question for you is: Girl, who do you think you’re kidding??

It’s fine. You weren’t a fan before. You’re commentary is not needed.

Protesting or boycotting artists is only meaningful when it comes to fans who loved their art. They are the ones who need to make the choices on who and what their money and exposure is going toward.

Jumping on the boycott band wagon is lazy activism. It’s not cute.

Anyone can speak out against any injustices they think they see in art and culture, but be mindful of the impact you think is impressionable on the world.

1 comments on “You Can’t Boycott Kanye If You Never Listened to Him”

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