Author: Brianna Kirkham

If You Like Kesha’s New Single, ‘Praying,’ Buy It

Don’t call it a comeback. Kesha was bound to deliver strong on the single for Rainbow, her first album since 2012. She does that and more with the soulful track “Praying,” which surpasses satisfaction for fans who have been waiting for the pop star’s return. The music video adds spiritual undertones in a dreamlike mecca of

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RuPaul’s ‘American’ Is an Energetic Blend of Charisma, Nerve and Talent.

This adventurous album shows the household name of drag under a new light as Ru broadens his vocal and lyrical range. RuPaul has remained America’s sweetheart and the most famous drag queen in the country since the 1980s, and he’s still making music. American is Ru’s 11th album, and it satisfies the usual themes of drag — like charisma, uniqueness,

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