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A Sample of Today’s Ukrainian Music

As a Peace Corps volunteer in Ukraine, two artists have caught my attention. One is a pop-star, while another is a YouTube rap sensation. While very different, they are both relevant to Ukrainian culture.

If You Like Kesha’s New Single, ‘Praying,’ Buy It

Don’t call it a comeback. Kesha was bound to deliver strong on the single for Rainbow, her first album since 2012. She does that and more with the soulful track “Praying,” which surpasses satisfaction for fans who have been waiting for the pop star’s return. The music video adds spiritual undertones in a dreamlike mecca of

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In Another Twist of Fate, Calvin Harris is Very, Very Cool: ‘Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1’ (Album Review)

Calvin, I get it, dating Taylor Swift changes a man. You’ll probably never look at red lipstick and 50s style bathing suits the same way ever again. To go and make this album after what I can only assume is months and months of heartbreak is admirable. But this isn’t a tabloid and I’m not

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‘Melodrama’ and the Recollection of Heartache

There is nothing quite so painful as your first heartbreak. Whether you’re young, old, or somewhere in the middle, the first time you find yourself shattering from the inside out at the hands of someone you had given a part of yourself to in the form of love and devotion is truly, deeply world-shaking. That

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