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Happy Abandon’s ‘Facepaint’ and the Exploration of Grief

The North Carolina-based indie rock group paints a portrait of loss and acceptance in their full-length debut. It’s rare to find a meticulously strung together work of musical art that manages to convey the realest and rawest emotion — loss — without losing voice, emotion, or authenticity; but in indie rock group Happy Abandon’s debut album, Facepaint, all of that

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‘Melodrama’ and the Recollection of Heartache

There is nothing quite so painful as your first heartbreak. Whether you’re young, old, or somewhere in the middle, the first time you find yourself shattering from the inside out at the hands of someone you had given a part of yourself to in the form of love and devotion is truly, deeply world-shaking. That

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Album Review: ‘The World We Built,’ The Wild Reeds

The indie music scene of today could undoubtedly be existing in a “Golden Age” of sorts, with women-led groups dominating the folk genre. While indie folk groups like Joseph and First Aid Kit are indisputably at the top of their respective games right now, The Wild Reeds, whose major label debut album The World We Built was released on April 7,

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