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A Hip-Hop Head Listens to EDM: What I Learned Listening to a Stranger’s Music

In an ongoing series, we’re pairing UTIOM writers together and having them swap playlists of the songs they love. This week, Brian Iniguez and Katrina Parsons shared their love of music with each other – literally. This is Brian’s account of what Katrina’s playlist taught him. Coming from a musical taste mostly comprised of hip-hop,

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In Another Twist of Fate, Calvin Harris is Very, Very Cool: ‘Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1’ (Album Review)

Calvin, I get it, dating Taylor Swift changes a man. You’ll probably never look at red lipstick and 50s style bathing suits the same way ever again. To go and make this album after what I can only assume is months and months of heartbreak is admirable. But this isn’t a tabloid and I’m not

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