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Cole World, No Blanket: J. Cole Offers a Thought-Provoking Take On Life’s Vices.

J. Cole isn’t one for tip-toeing around the unsaid. In fact, I’d say he is the champion of bringing what’s unsaid into the center of our societal forum. Before you continue reading, this must be known: I have been a J. Cole fan since his Friday Night Lights mixtape. So yes, I’m one of those. Therefore,

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Here’s Why J. Cole Needs Features

By now, any stan or hater knows the half-joke, half-praise J. Cole receives for “going platinum with no features” on 2014 Forest Hills Drive. He’s almost guaranteed to do it again for his recent drop, KOD. But whatever. Everyone can admit he’s talented, so I’m not here to argue about whether the dude is corny or the rap messiah. I’m here

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