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In Memoriam of Mac Miller, Hip-Hop’s Protagonist.

I always looked forward to Mac Miller’s release dates for studio albums. To me, his album release date was like Christmas, and each new song was a gift. Each new Mac Miller album provided the soundtrack to each new chapter in life. Every fan of music dreads the day that he or she bids farewell

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The Rise of Depression Rap

Music has always been about releasing emotions, and recently the mainstream hip-hop world has turned to the dark-side with what I call “Depression Rap.” Different than cut-and-dried hip-hop, this evolving offshoot of rap deals with introspective negative thoughts generally about self-deprecation, grim emotions, and as heard recently on Kanye West’s Ye, suicide. Although there have been many

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Kendrick Lamar’s Take on The Russia Investigation is a First in Rap’s Relationship with the FBI

From NWA’s iconic “Fuck tha Police” to Macklemore’s cringe-worthy “White Privilege II,” hip-hop has been a direct successor to the soulful protest anthems of the 60s, aiming to topple prevailing power structures. Hip-hop is counterculture by design, and government institutions serve as multi-headed monsters that emcees attack in politically charged songs.

Oddisee Electrifies U Street Music Hall in Homecoming Show

I’m a sucker for homecomings. Especially when it involves an artist performing in front of their hometown crowd. Kanye West playing in Chicago, Jay-Z in Brooklyn, or Drake at the Air Canada Centre. Homecoming shows are rare and exciting spectacles with sky-high expectations. While Oddisee doesn’t have the same pedigree at these artists, his return to

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‘Scary Hours’ and My 10th Year of Fandom

As promised at the conclusion of “More Life,” Drake is BACK in 2018. He surprised the world by dropping his EP Scary Hours at midnight on January 19th. It features two songs: “God’s Plan” and “Diplomatic Immunity,” both of which, sound on par with any type of sound OVO has put out. “Takin’ summer off, ’cause they

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