Erin McCarley’s ‘DieDieDie’ Is the Song That Can Motivate a Movement

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Erin McCarley

Whether you’re looking to diversify your running playlist, or you just need help getting your ass out of bed in the morning — “DieDieDie” by Erin McCarley will get the job done.

The Nashville-based artist released the single in anticipation of her album Yu Yi, scheduled to drop September 8. While the track isn’t even fast-paced or particularly upbeat, it’s strikingly stirring.

Accompanied with electronic sounds, McCarley sings:

I’ve got my head up and I’m ready to wreck, to wreck
I’m not shutting up/ You’re not shutting me down
I’ve pulled the alarm/ There’s no going back now
I’ve got the truth, and the truth is my power, my power
I won’t lay down and die  

Her voice sounds near robotic, but it’s not monotonous — it’s haunting. There’s a resistance-like strength behind her words that akin this track to the many protest songs from the past year.

In a statement, McCarley said the song is in response to “today’s political climate and current administrations,” and that she “can’t stay quiet.”

While “DieDieDie” could be the rallying cry for a protest march, it’s also capable of awakening something more personal. The song calls to question how much we’re willing to take before we fight back, and this applies to issues on the smallest and largest of scales.

It’s a song that makes you want to look in the mirror and think about what you’re doing with your life. But, if you’re not ready for that kind of existentialism, Yu Yi’s other singles, “GOOD” and “Out of the Fog,” are worth a listen.

DieDieDie,” however, is perfect for self-motivation. Check back in September for a review of the full album.

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