Drake Is Definitely Jealous of Cardi B

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When I started my day last Friday, there were a few things that ran across my mind. One of them definitely being I gotta listen to that new Cardi B album.

After getting my first listen in – and another to get ready for the night – it wasn’t until our Slack channel started blowing up that I saw Drake had not only put out a single, but also a video to boot.

Of course, I got those listens and views in. And yes, I was taken over and taken aback by the black female (and Olivia Wilde) magic directed by Karena Evans that was occuring in front of my eyes. Drake had simply snatched my night back from Cardi.

Yet, it wasn’t until Monday, after seeing a combination of Drake and Cardi Instagram captions and tweets (some referencing lyrics from both artists in one), that another thought sprinted across my mind: I think this man jealous of Cardi.

I mean, y’all.

We all knew when Cardi’s album was dropping. There wasn’t a week that went by without an article talking about her debut. Will it rise? Will it flop? Is she even good? Da-da-daa-da. There was no reason Drake wouldn’t know this information and wait at least a day or two to drop his stuff.

But here he come, little Aubrey Graham, who can’t take for a second that everyone has stopped putting out “God’s Plan” memes and, for the moment, moved on to someone else’s music. He just had to release something the same day as Cardi’s Invasion of Privacy. And not just anything, but a woman’s anthem.

Not just another one for us ladies to twerk to, but be empowered and twerk to.

With the release of “Nice for What,” I heard Drake tell Cardi: It’s really cute what you doing for the ladies, and your story, and how they love you – but these my ladies, these my people, they love me, they support me. I tell them ‘dudes are trash’. Not you.

He knew what he was doing.

He was plotting against Cardi.

This was personal.

And I’m not making this theory out of thin air because there are plenty of reasons to back it up:

Evidence Case File #1: Reading on Pitchfork that her debut already puts her “in the pantheon of great rappers,” while the same outlet discussed Drake’s debut studio release Thank Me Later noting that he became “the first of the post-Kanye, emo-y rappers to fully deliver on his debut LP.


Evidence Case File #23: When he heard Cardi’s line off “She Bad” calling for a threesome with his lost-love Rihanna, with no inclusion of him.

The latter is probably when Drake said something like: “now sis, you have gone too far,” before pressing send on the release.

Drake is most likely the main Barb running Team Nicki and he showed his (borderline stalker) loyalty last Friday night.

But if a jealous Drake puts out work like this and a hurt Drake puts out fire, he gives me no other choice but to support Cardi and everyone else except him.

It’s your own fault Drizzy.

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