Author: Stephanie Smalling

The 21 Blackest Songs for Black History Month

“The Blackness.” That is the first lyric you hear off “Optimistic,” from gospel group, Sounds of Blackness — an ideal name for this collection if it wasn’t already taken. Recently, there has been a reemergence of black artists being more upfront about who their music is for and what it is about: the black community. Before, it

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There’s a Problem With Justin Timberlake Performing At the Super Bowl

Let me be clear, I am no hater of Justin Timberlake. I actually favor the N*Sync member-turned-breakout soloist as one of the great performers of my lifetime. However, Janet Jackson is one of the greatest of all time, and I go hard for her. and it was last night that I remembered it's still JANET JACKSON and then

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The 15 Greatest Television Theme Songs

With some of the biggest shows like Game of Thrones and The Crown still relying on this musical launch, I decided it was time to revisit some of the greatest TV theme songs ever used. At some point, TV theme songs became a rare art. Traditionally, before you could settle into an episode, there was a 30-second to a

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