Drake Once Again Owes the Best of His Career to a Woman


Whether it be a feature with Rihanna, or groveling about his latest lost love (which seem to always be on the same song), Drake seems to be at his greatest when aligning himself with women.

So it’s no coincidence that this latest string of music videos from the rap/R&B star have been some of the absolute best in his career, since they’ve all been directed by a woman: Karena Evans.

With Evans’ touch, every video has been filled with storyline, stunning visuals and celebrity appearances that are not out of place, and just tickle my heart. “God’s Plan,” “Nice For What,” and “I’m Upset,” have all been a freakin joy to watch. And with his latest “In My Feelings,” when “directed by Karena Evans,” comes across the screen, in my mind, it makes all the sense why I’m already a fan of the video.

We may be living in Drake’s world, but it’s absolutely nothing without a woman or a girl.

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