Author: Julian McKenzie

After Some Delay and Controversy, Travis Scott Gives Montreal Fans Tickets to Astroworld

Travis Scott was already an hour late to his set when the fans in attendance started walking away from the “Scene de la Riviere” stage on the Ile Notre-Dame, an island hosting this year’s edition of the Osheaga festival in Montreal. As Travis was held at the Canadian border, fans were growing exasperated. “Guys, he’s

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Osheaga 2012: “One of the most surreal, bizarre, and thrilling days of my teenage years”

The family had taken up half the restaurant as they all sat amongst themselves by the windows at the front of the establishment. It was a mixture of adults and kids, enjoying food and great conversation, I’m sure. While I kept eyeing them, a couple feet away, I couldn’t make out exactly what they were

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Cold Feelings Towards Cozy Tapes Vol. 2: Too Cozy

Since bursting onto the scene in 2011, A$AP Rocky has stood out for his mix of Harlem, New York and Southern, trippy influenced rap. His collaborations and ability to crossover into pop has also endeared him. Not to be forgotten, his fashion sense has also made him a style icon. These qualities are what make

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