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What’s Next for the Walmart Yodeling Kid?

Our Executive Editor has a few suggestions for Lil Hank.

What I Learned by Swapping Playlists with a Stranger

It’s hard to explain why sharing your favorite music with someone—especially someone you don’t really know—makes you feel so heart-achingly vulnerable. Easy topics like Marxist theories and childhood trauma are bound to come up naturally in friendly conversation, but claiming your favorite album is often prefaced with a defensive, “Now hear me out!” Even movies

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Still Screaming: Remembering the Power of Emo Music

It’s 2018 and I’m getting ready for Brooklyn Emo Night. Is it too on the nose to wear the Dashboard Confessional shirt I bought at one of their anniversary concerts? Emo music, known mostly for dramatic, angsty lyrics and accompanying Hot Topic wardrobes, has mostly retreated into music history, though bands have been making the

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