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My First (Real) Concert: Made In America

In 2012, my younger brother and I had never been to a concert before. Embarrassing, I know, because I was 18 years old and was about to show up on a college campus with a million “Brads” who would tell girls at parties about how “this one time I tripped acid at Gov. Ball and proposed

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Jay-Z’s ‘4:44’ Is Not a Response to ‘Lemonade,’ But Another Visionary Tale of Empowerment

From word-of-mouth and other reviews, it can seem like 4:44 is just a response to Beyoncé’s Lemonade. Did Jay-Z cheat at some point(s) in their decade-plus long relationship? From his song lyrics, we finally know he did. Was he taking her for granted like she voiced in the up-tempo “Sorry?” Oh yes he did, taking a quick tongue-in-cheek type

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Frank Ocean’s ‘channel ORANGE’ Still Feels Fresh, Five Years Later

In 2005, when his hometown was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina, Christopher Francis Ocean (Frank Ocean) moved to LA. Over the course of six years, he wrote for Brandy, Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, joined Odd Future and released his critically acclaimed mixtape, nostalgia ULTRA. In 2012, Frank Ocean delivered his first LP. Plenty of albums have come in strong

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