‘May I Have This Dance’ Is the Next Wedding Song For Millennials

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1_tEOBSm-28eZPvVvvaiPS5QYou don’t have to be familiar with Francis and the Lights to feel the loving, first dance, wedding-song potential of the single, “May I Have This Dance.” Off the 2016 album Farewell Starlite!, the Phil Collins-esque single has since been refreshed and remixed with an added verse from millennial superman Chance the Rapper.

Before Chance’s verse, the song simply provoked the feelings of break-up to make-up with the chorus echoing:

“May I have this dance? To make it up to you / Can I say something crazy? I love you / Give me both your hands to make it up to you / Let me spin and excite you.”

Now, with the addition of Chance’s verse, the song grasps how many young relationships are formed, tested, and sustained — elements of a wedding staple. The remixed track provokes a feeling of forever, becoming an ideal backdrop for a young couple’s first dance alongside records like Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” and Miguel’s “Adorn.”

With simple references of a “grandmother’s ring” and “two right feet,” the song makes it easy to imagine newlyweds swaying together alone on the dance floor, especially when you hear Chance sing in his husky, but squeaky voice:

“I love you more than your mother / More than you love yourself.”

Not only do the lyrics conjure up a sentimental feeling, but they also evoke the familiar Francis beat. Grooving between an up-tempo and chill style, the single offers a fresher take to a traditional “first dance” song. The vibes could inspire a couple to waltz . . . or even freestyle, if they were so daring. If you’re looking for inspiration for that first dance, you are in luck — Francis and Chance have provided you with exactly that, via the single’s beautifully-choreographed music video.


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